Precautions For Assembling Rolling Bearings

Before assembling the rolling bearing, it is necessary to clean it with a proper cleaning agent according to the anti-rust method of the bearing.

There should be no dust, oil, colorant, oxide skin, etc., and it should be kept in a clean and tidy state. When cleaning the rolling bearing, first remove the remaining lubricating oil and anti-rust oil in the rolling bearing. You can wash it with kerosene, then wash it with gasoline, and finally wipe it with a clean cloth. Remember not to use dirty oil cloth or cotton yarn to dry the bearing. After the rolling bearing is cleaned, it should be inspected.

After the inspection, the bearing should not be damaged, rusty, flexible and no abnormal noise, and the accessories of the bearing should not be missing. The inner ring of the bearing must be close to the shaft shoulder and the assembly clearance Be appropriate. After checking the matching category and size requirements of the bearing, journal and bearing seat, start assembly.