How much do You Know about High-Temperature Bearing

High-temperature bearing is a bearing that can stand high temperatures. According to different grades of heat, the upper-temperature bearing can be divided into et, DT, it, WT, CT, QT, BT, and C grade high-temperature bearing. According to different needs, different environments, enterprises can install different types of upper-temperature bearing.



In practice, the high-temperature bearing has many advantages. For example, it can reduce the total operating cost, lifelong lubrication, without additional lubrication; it can still maintain effective operation under hot working conditions, dry environment, and low speed, which is incomparable to many plastic bearings and steel bearings.

Besides, the performance of high-temperature bearing determines that it has little impact on the environment, which is suitable for large-scale use under the call of environmental protection.

Matched with its superior performance, the high-temperature bearing has a wide range of application, which can be used on the equipment with low temperature and heavy load, in the machine with high heat and dust, and the material with high speed, insulation, vacuum, corrosion, and environmental protection.

The high-temperature bearing is an exact part. If the high-performance bearing is misused in the use process, it will not only fail to achieve the expected performance effect but also quickly damage the high-temperature bearing. Therefore, it must be fully considered in the selection.

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