How fast the high-speed bearings can be?

The high speed, medium speed and low speed of the bearing are determined not by the speed but by the line speed.

Small bearings at every turn tens of thousands of turns does not count as high-speed bearings, large bearings hundreds of turns even if high-speed bearings.

Generally speaking, high speed bearings are those that reach a speed of 60 meters per second.

In sliding bearings, hydrostatic bearings, liquid dynamic pressure bearings, gas static pressure bearings, gas dynamic pressure bearings are suitable for high-speed rotation.

However, general rolling bearings are suitable for low and medium speed rotation. If rolling bearings are used for high-speed rotation, special requirements are required.

If the speed is between 5 and 60 meters per second, it is not a high speed bearing, as long as the general bearing lubrication can meet the basic. If in some special occasions use higher speed bearings, such as high-speed cutting machine or precision machining machine tools used by high-speed rotating shaft bearing can also use ceramic bearings, electric, magnetic bearings and other special bearings.



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