Boron nitride has a wide range of applications

Nano boron nitride (BN) is prepared by aerosol ablation. The powder has high purity, no ammonium chloride impurities, small particle size, large specific surface area, high surface activity, and the crystal structure has a layered structure similar to graphite, showing a loose, Lubrication, easy to absorb moisture (modified to overcome the problem of moisture absorption), lightweight and other properties; excellent dry lubrication ability, extremely stable chemical properties, low thermal expansion coefficient, excellent high thermal conductivity insulating material at high temperature; hardness close to Diamond has better thermal stability and chemical properties than other materials.

1 High thermal conductivity insulating additives for polymers such as heat seal desiccants and plastic resin rubber coatings for transistors;

2 High thermal conductivity insulating glue, thermal plastic, thermal film, and other high thermal conductivity insulating fillers;

3 Drill bits, abrasive materials, cutting tools;

4 High-temperature lubricant and mold release agent;

5 Insulators for high-voltage, high-frequency electricity and plasma arcs, coatings for automatic welding high-temperature resistant brackets, materials for high-frequency induction furnaces, solid-phase admixtures for semiconductors, structural materials for atomic reactors, packaging materials to prevent neutron radiation, and radar The transmission window, the medium of the radar antenna and the composition of the rocket engine, etc.

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